Prostitutes Coming to Texas Stadium Superbowl XLV??

Interesting right?  Whoduhthunkit?

(This is a little different than my regular posts and more of an announcement.  I have this post on another site and decided it needed to be here too.  Even though there is not much discussion this time, take a look, click on some links, and see what you can do.  We’ll discuss later…)

Well, somebody did and apparently it’s a pretty big market here in the U.S. and now, hometown Dallas.

You don’t have to go to Vegas for Hookers and Prostitutes any more.  You can get ’em right here.

That’s right.  You remember the movie, “TAKEN”?  Well get a whiff of this.

Girls are being kidnapped, bought, TAKEN, right now, as we speak and brought here to Dallas to be sold for the visitors and traffic coming to the Super Bowl XXI.

Are you frickin’ kidding me?


What can you do?

Say something about it.  Click this link: Talk about it, blog about it, figure out what else you can do.  This message goes out to a lot of people and someone knows someone else.  Don’t be a wet noodle and just be in shock and bite your lip.

I’m watching “The Expendables” right now and one of the previews was the latest Rambo and he said, “LIVE FOR NOTHING.   DIE FOR SOMETHING”  Your choice.

I know people with little girls and I couldn’t even imagine something happening to one of those girls.  If you’re a dad you can image just dying, G-d forbid, if that would happen.

I’m not calling for any Rambos and other stuff that the cops want to call, Mercernary Justice taking place, I’m just saying speak up and do what may be simple for some of you to do.  FYI.  The reason these laws are in place is to keep you shut up and doing nothing while they get paid by the kidnappers to keep their mouths shut.  The cops win, govt wins, kidnappers win.  Girls lose.  Yeah.  I know what you’re thinking. Hey.  They get to have sex all day.  I’m talking to guys out there and this is rough but try having a vagina and see how long that feels good to you.  On top of that, they get beat by these weak men, abused by putting other things where they don’t belong, and psychologically messed up.

If you know of any groups or other ways that we can step up, contact us and let us know and we’ll keep making this something that can prevent something.  If this helps 1 girl.  That’s enough.

Focus UP.


ps.  Here’s that site again.  Simple and effective way to help.  Even by just clicking, “like” that’ll help spread the word.


“Skins” to be continued…

All right.  I still haven’t had my cigar but I’m about to get my humidor out and give ’em a whiff.  Maybe that’ll open up the flood-gates to let the magic out on the topic of why “The Man” wants young kids to act stupid.

(‘Act stupid’ is a poor sentence and description but using poor sentence structure is a perfect way to describe the tone of that sentence.  So there.)

Sooo.  Let’s deal with the idea that “Skins” helps folks to see that they should teach their children properly regarding sex and drugs.  

I heard this great story by a Rabbi that said that in order to show your son the ways of the world you wouldn’t take him to the ‘Red light district’ in Amsterdam, give him $1000, and tell him that you’ll see him in the morning.  That’s not parenting, that’s foolishness.

The reason that’s foolish is because we don’t teach by showing and then removing, we teach by showing proper behavior, period.  100%  we all learn by seeing what someone else did and then realizing that we don’t want that for ourselves but that is taking a situation and getting the most out of it.

Putting something in front of a young person and then saying don’t is Identical to saying, “DON’T THINK OF A PINK ELEPHANT.”

I don’t think that the parents who said that ‘Skins’ shows us what to look out for were saying to have the youngin’ watch the show and show them that bad stuff happens but I decided to go in this direction anyways because I feel like folks are letting life happen to them and not AFFECTING change.

“Oh, this world is just a messed up place.”

We need to do this and we need to do that.

As much as I’m in to action you’ve got to make sure you’re doing the right kind of action.

I was just talking this over with my partner in another company and we were talking about how you don’t just spend time on

Don't be this guy any more. Read 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki

your business and expect something to come of it.  Unless you’re an employee and you’re not trained to understand the value of time and effectiveness, efficiency, and quality, then just sitting somewhere and gettting a paycheck trained you to think that spending time on something may get results.

Well, guess what??


“Piss-poor training leads to piss-poor results.”  Practice doesn’t make perfect… Perfect practice makes perfect.


The point is that instead of being shocked with this new show coming out and shaking your head and saying “whoa is me” and thinking the end of the world is coming, do something about it.

AND I DON’T MEAN RALLYING!  (Unless you think that’ll help)

What I mean is, BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE!   -Focus Up!

That’s right.  BE the change you want to see and quit talking about it.  Model the type of person you want your children and neighbors to be and don’t just wait for the moment to ridicule them and call them heathens.  I don’t mean just “LOVE ‘EM INTO THE KINGDOM.”  I just mean to BE what you wish you were seeing on the tele.

Unless you’re one of the idiots and dipS#$&s watching these little boys and girls mess their bodies up.  In that case you just sit and read all of my posts.  Sitting still where you are and reading this is better than leaving this page or doing something stupid, right?   Thanks.

All right.  That’s all she wrote.  Talk with you later and looking forward to spreading the magic and changing the world, one post at time.

Focus Up.