Your Words to President Obama,huh? State of the Union Mixed-message.

Didn't he get the memo? I'm Spider-Man!

So what’s all of this about?  We’ve got the entire Youtube site with a small gray banner asking you to say something to the President, huh?


What’s all of this about?  I’m not really sure so far but let’s check this out.

This is one entry that I’ve got to open up the polls for some opinion.  What in the world do you think this is all about?  COMMENT BELOW and give me some feedback.

I’m going to do a little bit of homework, just a little, and see what the hype is because I think this is going to require a big honkin’ flashlight on it.

I’m looking forward to spreading the magic and letting you know what’s happening in the underworld.  Shuttin’ down for the Friday to Saturday spread and I’ll see you tomorrow night or Sunday morn.

Focus Up.



Gas prices, Crude oil, Natural Gas, Michael Moore & WHAT THE HECK!

This hits the nail on the coffin.

Are you kidding me?  This gas thing is the biggest B.S. right now and I feel like no one is noticing.  Ok, sure.  There is a lot of talk about the gas prices and it’s on the news, probably (I don’t watch the news, baby.  Just negative propaganda to freak you out).

But here is what I’m talking about.

Not too long ago the price of gas began to creep up.  As the creep began there was an outrage and people began to make vows against cars and switch to bicycles and downsize etc.

When I say that “no one is noticing” I mean it in the way of what “I SEE You” in Avatar means.  There is a way of ‘seeing’ and a way of “SEEING”. Long, philosophical point here but to get to the nitty gritty here we go…

People and businesses began to listen and the price of gas began to trickle down again in to a range where people felt that they could survive and not freak out and quit their jobs in order to get a job closer to where they work.  Well, surprise, surprise.  The price has done more than creep but has bull-dozed its way back up the charts of Casey Kasem and beyond and you know what???


There is no where near the panic, the resolutions, the down-sizing, the discussions, the anything that was happening just over a year ago!

FOCUS UP, FOLKS!!! This whole thing is CRAZY TALK!

You know that I’m going to bring this back to the few rich people in control of manipulating the world for profit.  The game of raising the price to the point of frustration to see how high they can go, then dropping it, then raising it again because the people are somewhat desensitized from the first price-rape is bait and switch simple.  

Besides the obvious, just like I’m not trying to sound like a prude in the examples of teen kissing just being plain Crazy, I’m not a big ol’ conspiracy theorist here either.


The whole idea of people freaking out over conspiracy theorist is because they know that there is a lot of truth in what the people are saying but don’t want to be awoken from their own Matrix and have things shaken up.  The crabs don’t want to let the other crabs out of the bin and people want to live their lives in the Matrix regardless of the lies that they have to swallow in order to have their ‘peace’.


Screw you folks that are nervous of the truth because I don’t have time for anything else here.

This country is being taken down on purpose to make it level with the rest of the world governments and gas is just one way to make that happen.  A beautiful but disturbing quote by Michael Moore is, “One of the most ironic things about capitalism is that the capitalist will sell you the rope to hang himself with. Actually they will give you the money to make a movie that makes them look bad, if they believe they can make money off it.”

Once again, whether you like Michael Moore or not that doesn’t change that fact that he has some excellent points and you can easily the smell the fumes of truth on his breath if you open your eyes (and nose, right? )

So.   “That’s the way that Sue, C’s it.” And I’m out of this camp.

Focus Up.


Glee… Sue Sylvester as the Grinch & A Very Glee Christmas

All right.  I admit it.  I enjoy ‘Glee’.
And when I say enjoy, I mean that I watch it every morning Monday through Friday.
How do I do that?  Well, as much as it seems like I’m in the know on every topic on the planet, I am and I’m definitely not at the same time.
Take a note of this.  If everyone is doing it, I’m not.  If everyone isn’t doing it, I’ll take a look.  That little subconscious motto that I didn’t realize seems to govern every one of my choices, worked in my favor for this little Teenage Horror Workshop because of all of the back episodes that I never saw.
Here’s the amazing thing and the saving grace part.  I’m an actor.  That’s right.  Surprise, surprise.  I’ve worked on and in film, television, theater, musical theater, Shakespeare, Voice-overs, video games, etc. etc.  So…  Several of my acting buddies were into this little number and it wreaked of Christopher Guest and “Best in Show” and I owed it to the entire Musical Theater community to give it a whirl.
It paid off.  This show is pretty awesome, funny, and so on.  So many good points it’ll take a few later posts to ‘get the led out’ and spill it.
And now for the BUNK METER.
What the heck with all of the kissing and sex and all of that again?  Once again.  I’m sounding like  a prude and I’m not but it’s frickin’ nasty to see these kids making out all of the time.
Heads up though.  Most of these cats aren’t ‘kids’ after all.  Some of them are 27 years old so Ok on that note.  BUT.  They’re portrayed as being teens and that’s the one thing that grosses me out about this show.
Oh yeah, another thing-hehe-  Remember that post where I was talking about the message that is being sent through the news?  Same ol’ same ol’ here, y’all.  I’m still waiting for my cigar moment and when I do it’ll be an audio post talking about why ‘the Man’ wants kids to ‘act stupid’ and deal with all of these sex-issues.
Think about it.  That’s all I’m sayin’.

Easily the best execution of a show to date. Sue the Grinch in "A Very Glee Christmas"

Well, I’m off to watch another episode of Glee.  I’m almost caught up, dang it.  Kind of sucks ’cause I won’t be able to have it on demand.  Hmph.
P.S.  Best show so far to me, “A Very Glee Christmas”
Until next time.
Focus Up.

“Skins” to be continued…

All right.  I still haven’t had my cigar but I’m about to get my humidor out and give ’em a whiff.  Maybe that’ll open up the flood-gates to let the magic out on the topic of why “The Man” wants young kids to act stupid.

(‘Act stupid’ is a poor sentence and description but using poor sentence structure is a perfect way to describe the tone of that sentence.  So there.)

Sooo.  Let’s deal with the idea that “Skins” helps folks to see that they should teach their children properly regarding sex and drugs.  

I heard this great story by a Rabbi that said that in order to show your son the ways of the world you wouldn’t take him to the ‘Red light district’ in Amsterdam, give him $1000, and tell him that you’ll see him in the morning.  That’s not parenting, that’s foolishness.

The reason that’s foolish is because we don’t teach by showing and then removing, we teach by showing proper behavior, period.  100%  we all learn by seeing what someone else did and then realizing that we don’t want that for ourselves but that is taking a situation and getting the most out of it.

Putting something in front of a young person and then saying don’t is Identical to saying, “DON’T THINK OF A PINK ELEPHANT.”

I don’t think that the parents who said that ‘Skins’ shows us what to look out for were saying to have the youngin’ watch the show and show them that bad stuff happens but I decided to go in this direction anyways because I feel like folks are letting life happen to them and not AFFECTING change.

“Oh, this world is just a messed up place.”

We need to do this and we need to do that.

As much as I’m in to action you’ve got to make sure you’re doing the right kind of action.

I was just talking this over with my partner in another company and we were talking about how you don’t just spend time on

Don't be this guy any more. Read 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki

your business and expect something to come of it.  Unless you’re an employee and you’re not trained to understand the value of time and effectiveness, efficiency, and quality, then just sitting somewhere and gettting a paycheck trained you to think that spending time on something may get results.

Well, guess what??


“Piss-poor training leads to piss-poor results.”  Practice doesn’t make perfect… Perfect practice makes perfect.


The point is that instead of being shocked with this new show coming out and shaking your head and saying “whoa is me” and thinking the end of the world is coming, do something about it.

AND I DON’T MEAN RALLYING!  (Unless you think that’ll help)

What I mean is, BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE!   -Focus Up!

That’s right.  BE the change you want to see and quit talking about it.  Model the type of person you want your children and neighbors to be and don’t just wait for the moment to ridicule them and call them heathens.  I don’t mean just “LOVE ‘EM INTO THE KINGDOM.”  I just mean to BE what you wish you were seeing on the tele.

Unless you’re one of the idiots and dipS#$&s watching these little boys and girls mess their bodies up.  In that case you just sit and read all of my posts.  Sitting still where you are and reading this is better than leaving this page or doing something stupid, right?   Thanks.

All right.  That’s all she wrote.  Talk with you later and looking forward to spreading the magic and changing the world, one post at time.

Focus Up.


New MTV Series “Skins”…

What the freak is this all about?

What the freak is this all about? Looks like a bunch of dazed yuppie kids.

The first thing that happened as I was about to post some amazing, life-altering message to you was I googled “Talk Radio Niche” and I found this station in San Diego.  The show is “Your family matters with Dr. Keith Kanner.”

I listened intently for a good 10-seconds and turned it off.  Not because it wasn’t good but because my stinkin’ AT&T (that’s right, I said it) internet connection SUCKS!!!  I’ve got it at the office of my other company and guess what???   It SUCKS there too.

But on to better things.

They were talking about “the new MTV show”.  Hush, hush, shock and awe.  I didn’t have a clue what it was called because that’s all I ever here about the dumb thing.  Sooo.  I went out on my Sherlock hunt and spent another 15-seconds googling and found the culprit.

Dunh, dunh, dunh.  MTV SKINS!!!!

So let’s see what’s going on.

From what I’ve been hearing, which hasn’t been much but typical panic, it seems that everyone is overreacting a bit and panicking about something that may not be all that bad.  So here’s a little excerpt from the series description:

“The risqué show, which follows a cast of underage teens popping pills, drinking and engaging in various sexual acts….”

Read more:

ARE YOU FRICKIN’ KIDDING ME???  Ok.  Maybe it is a bit crazy after all.  Here’s another bit:

“…not only are the characters underage, the actors are as well – the youngest just 15 years old. According to a “Washington Post” report,  Episode 3 will feature a character running down the street naked, after a night of experimenting with erectile dysfunction drugs. The actor in the scene is only 17.”

Read more:

All right.  Don’t take me to be some conservative Kat because I’m really not, but this is some -wait for it-


Yeah right. That's hot? Why would you want to do anything with her? Maybe I'm crazy.


That’s right.  You just heard it in context.

There is a book regarding human behavior and thinking and psychology that sites some extremely shocking information regarding the 6 reasons we do anything.  In that book by ‘Robert Chaldini,’ it shows the instance of increased suicide rates in the demographic of the latest suicide.  The time range affected suicides even up to more than 3 months after the incident aired on the news!!!

That basically means that when we see someone on TV that we identify with based on age, race, and even location and more, whatever their behavior is we subconsciously and conscious take part in the same behavior.

You want some more CRAZY TALK?  Well here you go.  It’s getting wild in here now.


That’s right.  When the sophisticated want to collect on some insurance death-benefits they don’t hire a hitman, they find a kid who just committed suicide and put him on the news.  You may think I’m crazy but that’s why I’m here and that’s why you’re reading.  But I’m not making stuff up and deep down you know it’s true.


The question you may be thinking is why in the world the few yuppies in charge want the youth to behave this way?   

That’s a crazy deep question for a crazy deep time.  I’ve got to get my cigar and coffee out for that one and get comfortable.


I’m going to address the idiots that are saying this show helps them and other parents to education their children as to why you should be careful with drugs and sex.