“The Naked Mom.” Brooke Burke on Ryan Seacrest.com

You know.  I find myself trying to be politically correct in the opposite way when I deal with topics like this.

Instead of trying to please the conservative people there is a bone inside of me that attempts to placate the liberals so that I don’t appear to be too “square”.  Well guess what???

CRAZY TALK on that!!!

Screw it.  I’m going to continue to keep it real because that’s what this is all about.

I’m all about the women being respected and the women having a right to be who they are etc. etc.  I’m the first cat to stand up and agree and protest that they should be treated equally so let me get that out of the way.

I was playing basketball this past Sunday and there was a little lady that came and played with us 200 and 300lb men.

Ok fine.

There were some men there who were signing up on the list to play and blatantly said that they’re not playing with the girl.

Ok fine.

So, as it turns out, perfect for this post, I actually ended up playing on her team.

Ok fine.

It went well and we lost but she was good and played with interesting fervor but for the most part was as good and even better then several of the men who were out there.

Just a subtle reminder so you never forget that I'm the real Spider-Man.

Here we come to Part 2.  I was on the team against her.  Equal opportunity and equal everything right?


So I’m playing her the way I’d play anyone else (of all of the people she decides she wants to guard me… Ok).  I’m boxing her out (going for the rebound for those of you who don’t know) with the same effort as anyone else and blocking and guarding her (she was frickin’ quick) like anyone else and she’s getting frustrated as anything.

Like anyone else.

(I added that for a little shout out that I’m not so bad at basketball, ahem.)

So I’m boxing her out going for a rebound and in her frustration she says, “if you keep pushing me I’m going to call it!”  I respond.  “Don’t start complaining just because you’re little.”  I didn’t mean to but I think it made her day that I didn’t say, “…. because you’re a girl.”  I meant it too.  She WAS little and I meant what I said.  It may have been a little tangent but I proved a self-righteous little point that I’m an equal opportunity employer here.


Brooke says that a woman doesn’t have to lose her self-identity and all of that just because she becomes a mom.

100%  I agree.

I also need to say that losing your self-identity and growing up are two different things and that we should not confuse them.  There are too many women and men today who are so concerned with themselves and “I need to take care of myself” attitude that it is at the expense of their children.

You DO need to take care of yourself first but that doesn’t mean going to the spa instead of listening to your child’s problems because “you don’t have time.”

I’m on a bit of a soap box here and I’m sure she has it perfectly balanced out and is writing for those people on the other side who perhaps tire themselves out so much that they’re no good to anyone.

So that’s what I’m here for, right?  To talk to the other side.

Short and sweet.  That’s all she wrote.  What do you think?

Focus Up.




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