Superbash 2011 Superbowl Party hosted by Pamela Anderson!

Interesting that this post is under the category of “culture” isn’t it?  

So… Pamela is making magic right here in Dallas, TX.  It’s all over the radio and all over the internet and check it out, all over the blogs.

For some reason I felt like commenting on this.  At this point I don’t have a clue why.

But what first hit my mind is that it’s a great networking possibility and I found an awesome little ticket discount on Groupon for it!


Pamela Anderson discount Groupon ticket???  Wild.  Pretty funny at the same time.  Don’t know quite what to think of it.  It could be a night of fun and meeting some quality people or it could be a night of a complete waste of time and money where you don’t remember what happened the night before.  As I think this through I have a feeling there may be more time wasted than anything but if you’re a brave soul and think you can get a business connection or ROI on this one then be my guest.  As for me, I’m hangin’ tight right here at the crib, drinkin’ tea and takin’ it easy with my wife and boy.  How ’bout them apples?

Here’s the link to the Groupon coupon.  Not like I get a cut of this but another strange thing I just felt like doin’ for ya. 31 Folks already bought it at this point.  Crazy. (but no talk on that one)

Welcome to Dallas, Pam =)


2011 State of the Union by President Barak Obama

This photo looks CRAZY but has a nice little message

This is one crazy stinkin’ photo and the post almost gets the signature “CT” for the picture alone!!  But moving on.

This picture represents certain people trying keep the mouths of the people shut but the people not letting it happen.  The people are still speaking up and voicing their opinions despite whatever form of mouth-shutting tactics are being used.

Interestingly enough, the photo indicates or form of physical torture in an attempt to keep the mouths quiet.  However, most of the people in the west are not publicly known for being physically tortured or tortured at all.  I say, “known” because I suggest that there is definitely a component of physical torture happening daily right underneath our noses that we’re either not aware of or do not acknowledge.

The types of mouth-shutting techniques used in this country is the type of “INACTION” and “COMPLACENCY.”  People are worn out and feel that what they have to say doesn’t matter and therefore don’t speak at all.  I understand.  I can definitely identify with that.  The bigger thing is that we tend to speak via complaining to each other or in our own homes but not to others outside for the fear of “judging” or some other bull crap.  The point is, say something.  I’m not saying to preach on the mountain tops but at least say something on this site.  If this site alone can be a small sounding board for you to get something off of your chest then make it happen.  When I’m finished with my magic and pointing out any craziness I may see, drop a line and add a word.

As I watch this state of the union address these folks are sitting and standing enough to make  a Sunday Mass Catholic church member chuckle.  Do they even know why they’re standing?  Strange.  Nothing wrong with the picture par se, just human behavior and pressure being this visual in a room of ‘leaders’ is interesting to watch.

Very patriotic speech about how we’re the leading nation regarding productivity with over $14 Trillion and the next closest country at less than $6 Trillion.  He wants to out-build, out-innovate, and out-do everything against other countries.  Interesting thoughts.  What’s the plan?  I’m not saying that it’s his job to come up with the plan but what I am saying is that the theories are great and what country doesn’t want to out-do another country.  This is like a football prep speech getting the team pumped to beat the other team knowing that the other team is going to clobber you.  I just have this underlying feeling that he knows, like many other people, that the actual plan is causing the economy to weaken to actually crumble on itself.

What is my proof of this self-destruction?  Not much.  Just the subtleties of where the economy has been heading over the past years and realizing that the actions taken are not improving this ability to take over the world.  Paying attention that this capitalist country is selling to countries that do not have us in their best interest just to make some more money.  All of the money in the world is not going to provide security for this country.  All of  the money in the world may pay for some military toys but if you keep letting the enemy in your bed then the money won’t protect you.

Take a look at the countries like Iran and Iraq and Turkey who are not even ranking on the radar of productivity, education, etc. etc. and are a huge threat to our country and our safety.  Besides the complaint what is my solution?  Talk about it just like this.  Try to take people’s eyes and minds off of taking over the world with inventions, but still inventing while understanding what really matters in this world.

I’ve said it before regarding unity and peace the best way to do that is communicate and for as people as possible to understand the other person.  I don’t want to get on a side topic but I’ve got to say what I’m thinking as I’m watching this video.

That man behind the green curtain isn't just Obama. It's every politician and newscaster distracting you from the truth.

I’ll be honest.  It sounds REALLY GOOD.  But I have to get out of my heart and emotions and realize that all of the pep talk is ok but at the end of the day there are going to have to be some actions that have some TRUTH in them.

I get an overall feeling that this whole talk is one that says, “I’m not as bad as it seems I am.”  It feels like a talk that is saying, “Don’t pay attention to the man behind the green curtain.”  Ironically, that green curtain is a green curtain of money and power.  That man is hiding behind the speech of success and money so that you won’t notice the charades being put on daily.  Like this beautiful state of the union address with power-point presentation.

Just not so sure where he is from. Does it matter? Not according to the bill he wants to pass.

Uh oh.  Here we go.  The topic of illegal residents living in this country.  Interesting.  The children of the illegal residents should be able to stay in this country because they had nothing to do with it, huh?  Right.  Looks like once that bill is passed the truth about Obama’s residency may come to light.

To be honest, I don’t really care.  But what I do care about is the fact that there have been rules set up and it seems a bit strange how he was able to super-cede them while other people have to abide by them.

Now we’re talking about connecting every part of America to the digital age.  You know what it’s really all about?  Tracking every single American and knowing where we are and what we’re saying at any moment. It’s like the car coming out where you can unlock and start the care remotely.  Right.  Don’t speed or don’t miss a bill because before you know it that capability will be in the hands of your bill collector’s and any other government section you’re disturbing and they’ll track you down and stop your when they feel like it.

Woops! Who's that in there?

Solution?  Should you not buy the car or have the phone?  No, not really.  The solution is simply for you to understand what is really going on and to not simply listen and nod your head.  As long as you’re aware you’re ahead of the game and if something turns sour you’re not shocked and may be more prepared to adapt than others.

Ok.  So we’re talking about the Asian-Pacific trade and encouraging and making that a huge priority.  That’s my point.  You’re providing huge revenues to all of these countries and if they’re the ones building our products than how are we promoting any form of growth, out-doing, out-inventing?  What about Iceland?  We’ve got a lot of resources within this country to sustain ourselves and if we focus on that perhaps we can “out-do” these other countries.   THAT being said, I’m personally all for trading with other countries.  So how do we out-do these other countries?  Perhaps some secret method of instilling patriotism into our public could help.  How do we do that?  We’re starting in a deficit but even though I don’t believe the sincerity and believe there is an intentional decline of this country, “taking care of the people” is one good step in the right direction.

There is a lot of talk going on and a lot of angles to look at on this topic.  I’m going to need some help on this one.  LEAVE A NOTE AND LET’S GET SOME TRACTION ON THIS TOPIC.

I’m tired of listening to this  CRAZY TALK!  I’m outta here.  Hopefully we’ll have some dialogue and continue from there.

Focus Up.


Prostitutes Coming to Texas Stadium Superbowl XLV??

Interesting right?  Whoduhthunkit?

(This is a little different than my regular posts and more of an announcement.  I have this post on another site and decided it needed to be here too.  Even though there is not much discussion this time, take a look, click on some links, and see what you can do.  We’ll discuss later…)

Well, somebody did and apparently it’s a pretty big market here in the U.S. and now, hometown Dallas.

You don’t have to go to Vegas for Hookers and Prostitutes any more.  You can get ’em right here.

That’s right.  You remember the movie, “TAKEN”?  Well get a whiff of this.

Girls are being kidnapped, bought, TAKEN, right now, as we speak and brought here to Dallas to be sold for the visitors and traffic coming to the Super Bowl XXI.

Are you frickin’ kidding me?


What can you do?

Say something about it.  Click this link: Talk about it, blog about it, figure out what else you can do.  This message goes out to a lot of people and someone knows someone else.  Don’t be a wet noodle and just be in shock and bite your lip.

I’m watching “The Expendables” right now and one of the previews was the latest Rambo and he said, “LIVE FOR NOTHING.   DIE FOR SOMETHING”  Your choice.

I know people with little girls and I couldn’t even imagine something happening to one of those girls.  If you’re a dad you can image just dying, G-d forbid, if that would happen.

I’m not calling for any Rambos and other stuff that the cops want to call, Mercernary Justice taking place, I’m just saying speak up and do what may be simple for some of you to do.  FYI.  The reason these laws are in place is to keep you shut up and doing nothing while they get paid by the kidnappers to keep their mouths shut.  The cops win, govt wins, kidnappers win.  Girls lose.  Yeah.  I know what you’re thinking. Hey.  They get to have sex all day.  I’m talking to guys out there and this is rough but try having a vagina and see how long that feels good to you.  On top of that, they get beat by these weak men, abused by putting other things where they don’t belong, and psychologically messed up.

If you know of any groups or other ways that we can step up, contact us and let us know and we’ll keep making this something that can prevent something.  If this helps 1 girl.  That’s enough.

Focus UP.


ps.  Here’s that site again.  Simple and effective way to help.  Even by just clicking, “like” that’ll help spread the word.

Hate Crimes, Homos, Blacks, and Jews!

This is an empowered post if I’ve ever seen one!  Let’s get down to some common sense business.

"Heritage Not Hate" My A$#

I was watching that amazing show called, “American Idol” the other day (that’s right, no shame here), and one of the guys that was auditioning was part of a “Civil War Reenactment” group.  You know how American Idol does it.  They somewhat were making fun of the kid because he was a bit off and nerdy or strange and the father was a “hippie” but definitely NOT a hippie because hippies have conflicting beliefs with the Civil War guys, etc. etc. etc.

So as I was watching this I said out loud.  “Why is this so accepted and ok enough to make fun of it as if it’s just a harmless nerd trend?”

That led to my next point.



So listen.  I don’t need a history lesson and the “Heritage Not Hate” motto is so much BS I feel like I need to wash my mouth out with soap right now.  I get what people are saying was “really” going on but the fact is that everyone knows the huge under and overtones of what was happening at that same time.  We know that the war in Europe was really about taking over the world but killing Jews, Homosexuals, and even Christians is a large part of what was happening and those undertones keep us from celebrating those events and calling the war a simple logical German-Pride movement.

Governor Merkel in Germany helped to get it approved that it is 100% illegal to deny the holocaust, parade Nazi propaganda and all of that.


The reason is because there is a sensitive issue happening and it’s so apparent that a law needed to be put into place to help ignorant people acknowledge that.

I’m not saying we need a law in place but we need people to stand up and talk about the ridiculousness of allowing a community of abusive slave-owners to “RISE UP AGAIN.”  If a community existed that treated other human-beings like that that community has lost its “inalienable  right” to exist and govern as a community. They obviously do not understand the value of life, the respect for humans, and the dignity that people deserve.   

So here’s your apple to bite in to.  REGARDLESS of your opinion on gays, homosexuals, or sexual preference people (whichever terminology fits best or you agree with… getting that right is like asking an ‘African-American’ whether he prefers being called, ‘Black’ or anything else I think.  If you have a preference for any of the ‘terms’ or you don’t want to be boxed in by terms, let me know!) YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO HIT, BEAT, SLANDER, ABUSE, MAKE FUN OF, ETC. them.  In the same way, we’ve got to have at least a minimal amount of sensitivity to everyone.


Unity and Peace, right?  A little Rastafarian Reggae for you too!

This one is short and sweet and to the point.

That’s all she wrote for now.  Light a candle, sing Kumbaya, and tell someone you love them tonight… De-LY-LAAA


Focus Up.


Your Words to President Obama,huh? State of the Union Mixed-message.

Didn't he get the memo? I'm Spider-Man!

So what’s all of this about?  We’ve got the entire Youtube site with a small gray banner asking you to say something to the President, huh?


What’s all of this about?  I’m not really sure so far but let’s check this out.

This is one entry that I’ve got to open up the polls for some opinion.  What in the world do you think this is all about?  COMMENT BELOW and give me some feedback.

I’m going to do a little bit of homework, just a little, and see what the hype is because I think this is going to require a big honkin’ flashlight on it.

I’m looking forward to spreading the magic and letting you know what’s happening in the underworld.  Shuttin’ down for the Friday to Saturday spread and I’ll see you tomorrow night or Sunday morn.

Focus Up.


Gas prices, Crude oil, Natural Gas, Michael Moore & WHAT THE HECK!

This hits the nail on the coffin.

Are you kidding me?  This gas thing is the biggest B.S. right now and I feel like no one is noticing.  Ok, sure.  There is a lot of talk about the gas prices and it’s on the news, probably (I don’t watch the news, baby.  Just negative propaganda to freak you out).

But here is what I’m talking about.

Not too long ago the price of gas began to creep up.  As the creep began there was an outrage and people began to make vows against cars and switch to bicycles and downsize etc.

When I say that “no one is noticing” I mean it in the way of what “I SEE You” in Avatar means.  There is a way of ‘seeing’ and a way of “SEEING”. Long, philosophical point here but to get to the nitty gritty here we go…

People and businesses began to listen and the price of gas began to trickle down again in to a range where people felt that they could survive and not freak out and quit their jobs in order to get a job closer to where they work.  Well, surprise, surprise.  The price has done more than creep but has bull-dozed its way back up the charts of Casey Kasem and beyond and you know what???


There is no where near the panic, the resolutions, the down-sizing, the discussions, the anything that was happening just over a year ago!

FOCUS UP, FOLKS!!! This whole thing is CRAZY TALK!

You know that I’m going to bring this back to the few rich people in control of manipulating the world for profit.  The game of raising the price to the point of frustration to see how high they can go, then dropping it, then raising it again because the people are somewhat desensitized from the first price-rape is bait and switch simple.  

Besides the obvious, just like I’m not trying to sound like a prude in the examples of teen kissing just being plain Crazy, I’m not a big ol’ conspiracy theorist here either.


The whole idea of people freaking out over conspiracy theorist is because they know that there is a lot of truth in what the people are saying but don’t want to be awoken from their own Matrix and have things shaken up.  The crabs don’t want to let the other crabs out of the bin and people want to live their lives in the Matrix regardless of the lies that they have to swallow in order to have their ‘peace’.


Screw you folks that are nervous of the truth because I don’t have time for anything else here.

This country is being taken down on purpose to make it level with the rest of the world governments and gas is just one way to make that happen.  A beautiful but disturbing quote by Michael Moore is, “One of the most ironic things about capitalism is that the capitalist will sell you the rope to hang himself with. Actually they will give you the money to make a movie that makes them look bad, if they believe they can make money off it.”

Once again, whether you like Michael Moore or not that doesn’t change that fact that he has some excellent points and you can easily the smell the fumes of truth on his breath if you open your eyes (and nose, right? )

So.   “That’s the way that Sue, C’s it.” And I’m out of this camp.

Focus Up.


Glee… Sue Sylvester as the Grinch & A Very Glee Christmas

All right.  I admit it.  I enjoy ‘Glee’.
And when I say enjoy, I mean that I watch it every morning Monday through Friday.
How do I do that?  Well, as much as it seems like I’m in the know on every topic on the planet, I am and I’m definitely not at the same time.
Take a note of this.  If everyone is doing it, I’m not.  If everyone isn’t doing it, I’ll take a look.  That little subconscious motto that I didn’t realize seems to govern every one of my choices, worked in my favor for this little Teenage Horror Workshop because of all of the back episodes that I never saw.
Here’s the amazing thing and the saving grace part.  I’m an actor.  That’s right.  Surprise, surprise.  I’ve worked on and in film, television, theater, musical theater, Shakespeare, Voice-overs, video games, etc. etc.  So…  Several of my acting buddies were into this little number and it wreaked of Christopher Guest and “Best in Show” and I owed it to the entire Musical Theater community to give it a whirl.
It paid off.  This show is pretty awesome, funny, and so on.  So many good points it’ll take a few later posts to ‘get the led out’ and spill it.
And now for the BUNK METER.
What the heck with all of the kissing and sex and all of that again?  Once again.  I’m sounding like  a prude and I’m not but it’s frickin’ nasty to see these kids making out all of the time.
Heads up though.  Most of these cats aren’t ‘kids’ after all.  Some of them are 27 years old so Ok on that note.  BUT.  They’re portrayed as being teens and that’s the one thing that grosses me out about this show.
Oh yeah, another thing-hehe-  Remember that post where I was talking about the message that is being sent through the news?  Same ol’ same ol’ here, y’all.  I’m still waiting for my cigar moment and when I do it’ll be an audio post talking about why ‘the Man’ wants kids to ‘act stupid’ and deal with all of these sex-issues.
Think about it.  That’s all I’m sayin’.

Easily the best execution of a show to date. Sue the Grinch in "A Very Glee Christmas"

Well, I’m off to watch another episode of Glee.  I’m almost caught up, dang it.  Kind of sucks ’cause I won’t be able to have it on demand.  Hmph.
P.S.  Best show so far to me, “A Very Glee Christmas”
Until next time.
Focus Up.